Series 6

This promotional advert, shown on E4 and Channel 4 in December, shows preview clips of the 3rd generation of the Skins cast in their second year of college. This series follows the developing relationship between characters and the usual ‘issues’ always written into the program; sex, drugs and partying, which characterize the program as ‘controversial’ and often ‘unsuitable’ for its target audience.

This series was significantly less anticipated by its audience than previously, and the ‘cult following’ of Skins seems to have disappeared somewhere between season 3 and 5. The quality of acting and writing has been criticised but the production and soundtrack maintained its usual high standard appreciated by viewers.

The first episode starts with the traditional ‘Everyone’ episode, featuring stories from all characters intertwined, usual far-fetched drugs use (the series kicks off with an enormous stash of marijuana being found, thankfully distracting the teenagers for their lack of running water and a proper roof to sleep under).

The rest of this season includes a few deaths, pregnancy, a run away and a dramatic escape from Moroccan authorities.

The viewing figures range from 589,000 to 751,000- a dramatic drop from the 900,000-1million viewers of previous seasons. Audiences specualte that this is because of the ‘tired out’ and contrived storylines, and general depreciation in quality of production.

See ‘Skins Playlist’ for music included in this advertisement.

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