Series 1 & 2 Characters

Series one of Skins introduced prospective fans to the characters they would follow over the first two seasons, and amongst devoted followers, the original cast are often considered the best.

Tony is the central and most complex character from the original cast of Skins. Tony is portrayed as a seemingly ‘perfect’ teenager; he is intelligent, from a middle class family and has a beautiful girlfriend, Michelle, as well as many friends. However his personality confuses other characters he is manipulative and strange. It’s his actions which affect his relationships with Michelle, his family and his friends. At the end of series one, Tony is severely injured in a road traffic accident which changes him drastically… Played by Nicholas Hoult

Michelle is Tony’s girlfriend and Sid’s love interest. She is beautiful and intelligent but shows no interest in her education. She is close friends with Cassie and Jal. In series two she goes off the rails a bit and it is implied she becomes sexually promiscuous. She loves Tony but realises what a terrible boyfriend he is and often considers ‘swapping’ him for Sid, who is desperately in love with her. Played by April Pearson


Sid is the typical underachiever. He is doing badly at college and it is made clear from the start he is unlucky with women- the first episode focuses around Tony, Sid’s best friend, trying to find someone to take his virginity. He is generally unlucky in day to day life; he gets in trouble with a drug dealer, getting beaten up and ordered around by Tony, as well as ruining their relationship. He developes a relationship with anorexic Cassie, who is strange, but finds Sid very endearing. Sid also suffers greatly with his home life. His father is verbally abusive and his mother leaves for a german man, soon followed by the severe shock of his father dying. Sid doesn’t know how to react to this but luckily best mate Tony comes through for him. Played by Mike Bailey

Cassie is a strange girl who finds it difficult to interact with others. Her odd way of  communicating and acting around others leaves her isolated and considered ‘weird’. She suffers greatly from mental health problems such as OCD and anorexia, plus she is a recreational drug user which makes things a little more difficult. She is initially introduced as being Michelle’s friend, but developes a relationship with Sid which turns complicated as the season draws to an end. Cassie eventually moves to Scotland, then New York. Played by Hannah Murrey

Chris is the more ‘typically’ portrayed teenager in the program and so the most conforming to the stereotype of British Youth. He takes drugs, doesn’t work hard at college and is promiscuous (thought gets away with it more because his personality is cheeky and ‘laddish’). He has a sexual relationship with his psychology teacher, Angie, as well as a more typical relationship with Jal, who he gets pregnant. Chris lives with his mother, who abandons him in the family home, which is soon taken over by a homeless man, who kicks him out on the street. After Chris has sold all his possessions and loses his home he is left with nothing. Chris dies from a hereditary condition that causes severe brain hemorrhages.Played by Joe Dempsie

Jal is intelligent and highly gifted in music. She is the daughter of a celebrity music producer and so comes from a provelaged background and lives in a beautiful home. Jal is closest to Michelle and Chris, who becomes her boyfriend. She was a finalist in Young Mucisian of the Year and is extremely driven and motivated, as well as being a good friend. However, her family are linked to crime and in one episode Jal’s father ‘takes care’ of a drug dealer causing the group trouble, and plays up to the ‘Black ganster’ stereotype. Jal goes off the rails slightly in season two; where she drinks and acts wild. Towards the end of the season, Jal reveals she is pregnant by Chris, but has an abortion, shortly before Chris dies. Played by Larissa Wilson

Maxxie is a confident, friendly and talented in dance. His character is initally seen rehearsal tap and about a big ‘gay night out’ which introduces fans to the two significant parts of Maxxie’s personality. He is best friends with Anwar, although their friendship hits the rocks when Anwar refuses to accept Maxxie’s homosexuality or tell his parents about it. This friction is resolved when Anwar’s father shows little opposition to Maxxie’s preferences. Maxxie has a straight female stalker- Sketch– who follows him home, photographs him and tries to hijack his starring role in the college production. Played by Mitch Hewer

Anwar is an example of the modern Muslim teenager living in Britian- he is seen praying to Mecca five times a day and abiding by the Koran (in terms of his views of homosexualty) but also seems to adopt the beliefs of his faith when it suits him and ignors them when it doesn’t. His obsession with drugs and sex, much like his friend Sid, seems to be his main concern throughout the two series. He has a relationship with Sketch, who uses him to get to his gay friend Maxxie. Played by Dev Patel

Effy is the only character that goes on the the next two series. She is Tony’s rebellious younger sister and the black sheep of the family. She is often portrayed sneaking out to all night raves, taking illegal drugs and having promiscuous sex. She is quiet and mysterious until series 3 in which she developes into a kind of ‘it girl’ and finds herself caught up in a love conflict between two friends. Effy also develops psychotic problems that affect everyone around her… Played by Kaya Scodelario


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