Series 3 & 4 Characters

The only connections between series 1 & 2 characters and those from series 3 & 4 is Effy, Tony Stonehams younger, rebellious sister and her strange friend Pandora. Aside from this, all characters are introduced as new faces.

Cook, or James Cook, is considered the ‘anti-hero’ of the season and is the stereptypical bad-boy ‘lad’. He is a party animal, and seemingly, all he cares about is sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. He falls in love with Effy and becomes love rivals with his best friend, Freddie. By the time seris four has come to an end, he has started to ‘reform’ his ways and becomes somewhat of a prodigal son, after seeing his younger, formally innocent, brother follow in his footsteps. Played by Jack O’Connel.

Freddie is the typical ‘stoner’/’skater’ character with a laid back attitude, much like series 1 & 2’s Chris. He gets caught up in a love conflict with his best friend Cook which causes a lot of friction between the ‘three musketeers’, Cook, JJ and Freddie. He and his little sister Karen fight like cat and dog. Freddie is sensitive and senitmental. Played by Luke Pasquilino

Effy: See series 1 & 2

JJ is character noted for having Aspergers syndrome, a disorder on the Austistic spectrum which shows itself through JJ being socially awkward and easilly angered, though he has used magic tricks to impress people. He is a member of the ‘Three Musketeers’ friendship group with Cook and Freddie who have been friends for a long time. He developes a crush on a single mother, Lara, that works in the same shop as him, although he loses his virginity to lesbian Emily. Played by Ollie Barbieri

Emily is Katie’s twin sister and not happy about it. She is a closeted lesbian (though she does come out eventually) and has a long standing crush on Naomi, who is straight. She takes JJ’s virginity out of pity. She is desperate to shake the ‘twin’ label that she and her sister are constintly labelled with out of conveneince to others. She developes a relationship with Naomi after coming out to her, against her mothers wishes, then they move in together. Soon she finds out that Naomi has had an affair with another girl, after the girl in question has commit suicide. Played by Kathryn Prescott

Pandora is strange and misunderstoon, and often conisdered niave. She becomes friends with Effy although audiences became specticle about whether the friendship was genuine. She falls in love with Thomas and they develope a relationship, although she also sleeps with Cook. She is playful and imaginative, and sheltered from the realities of the world, by her mother, who goes to great lengths to protect her. Played by Lisa Backwell





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